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Home Living Lifestyle Changes Lead to Home Building Changes Finding Our New Home In Our New World The Barnaby Home Since the initial quarantines of COVID-19 and now the aftermath of continued caution; most desirable home amenities look quite different than even 5 years ago. A home office used to be relegated to sprawling suburban homes for executives and accent spaces that almost no […]
Home Living How 2020 Changed the Way We See Our Homes Last year, COVID-19 prompted a shift in the way we live, and in homebuyers’ needs. We all sought out different ways to stay safe and live comfortably during the pandemic. Here are on Bainbridge Island, we saw – and we’re still seeing – eager buyers who have specific ideas around what home now means to […]
Bainbridge by the Seasons Easy Landscaping Tips for Curb Appeal – and Perhaps a Quick Sale Easy Landscaping Ideas Landscaping is the first thing buyers see when they consider purchasing your home. It extends either an invitation or a warning. If the outside of your home is neat and well maintained, it is safe to assume that the inside of the house will reflect that same care. Conversely if the outside […]
Buying and Selling Tips 5 Lessons Home Renovations Can Teach You About Yourself 5 Lessons Home Renovations Can Teach You About Yourself   I could spend ages talking about everything there is to learn from remodeling your house: the best types of tile for a shower floor, little details that you shouldn’t overlook when remodeling, tips and tricks for finishing a project on time — you name it. […]
Home Living Work Smarter – Not Harder with Smart Home Technology Posted in Living by Pattie O’Loughlin While still in its infancy, the number of smart home products—devices that let you control lighting, thermostat, or even your crock pot from your smartphone—is rapidly growing. These are products and whole ecosystems that help you control your home via a single iOS or Android app. You can pick and choose your […]
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