Home Living October 13, 2021

Lifestyle Changes Lead to Home Building Changes

Finding Our New Home In Our New World

The Barnaby Home

Since the initial quarantines of COVID-19 and now the aftermath of continued caution; most desirable home amenities look quite different than even 5 years ago. A home office used to be relegated to sprawling suburban homes for executives and accent spaces that almost no one used, like the old kitchen office space where Mom paid bills and organized her recipes.

The lifestyle changes that COVID-19 has born, do not seem to be going away all too soon and homebuyers are keen to find a work/life balance, at home. Flexible spaces in newer townhomes are becoming quite common in the Townhome trend, with garage level rooms that can be used as an office, guest room – or both.

During the early months of lockdown, quarantines, and sheltering in place, a survey called The America at Home Study was launched online to understand the design changes consumers would want in new communities and homes. On the heels of this research, The America at Home Study Concept Home was born, and they named it Barnaby.

The concept, design, and the forethought of looking forward to something more tangible than paint colors and open vs. closed kitchen cabinets warrants deep consideration. Does your home still serve most of your needs? Each home has comprises, but sometimes they start to add up and you might find yourself living in a functionally obsolescent situation.

If you are dreaming of a new home that better serves your lifestyle and footprint, give me a call and let’s start planning your next move.



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