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Easy Landscaping Tips for Curb Appeal – and Perhaps a Quick Sale

Easy Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping is the first thing buyers see when they consider purchasing your home. It extends either an invitation or a warning. If the outside of your home is neat and well maintained, it is safe to assume that the inside of the house will reflect that same care. Conversely if the outside is unkempt, buyers will assume that maintenance of the house has been neglected. Take any or all of these five measures to spruce up for that crucial first impression.


Outside areas are key to drawing buyers inside.

Trim, Groom and Rake

In the Northwest we love our rhododendrons, but they should not be blocking the windows. Trim all shrubbery and trees and rake out old leaves from the visible base of all hedges and plants.

Pressure Wash

We get an abundance of unwelcome moss over the winter. I recommend a good pressure wash over all hard landscape surfaces. 


Use an edger to define plant beds, lawn and sidewalks. A good edging will give buyers a clear path to the front door. It’s better than a welcome mat.

Pop the Color

Place seasonal annuals in the front for interest and a bit of whimsy. Place potted plants for visual interest near the front door. Nothing says “come in!” like a friendly display of impatiens.


Clean and colorful edges lure buyers to your front door.

Cover Up

Use brown mulch under all the plants to cover dirt. This is quick, simple and cleans up the look of your front yard dramatically.


We get a lot of rain in the Northwest. Since you are already sprucing things up, add some fertilizer so essential nutrients are replenished and not washed away. This will ensure a fresh and healthy look for your landscaping, as well as the promise of a bright future.


A cozy seating area extends an invitation to stay.

Get Cozy

Outdoor “rooms” can be so appealing. Gather a few chairs with comfortable, colorful cushions and place them around a fire pit. Don’t have a fire pit? They start around $50, and you will probably get some use out of it yourself before the “SOLD” sign goes up.

Don’t sweat the details, but don’t skip them either. Survey your property with an objective eye, and get help if needed. Your realtor can assist you with landscaping recommendations that will save or even make you money in the long run.