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Real Estate Market updates-Local, Regional, and National

Market updates Kitsap County Economic Profile Kitsap County’s Changing Economy The Kitsap Economic Development Alliance has updated their Kitsap County Economic Profile, in partnership with Western Washington University’s Center for Economic and Business Research. In this publication we traditionally favor accuracy over speed, so we’re mostly using 2020 data for our economic analyses, as it’s the most recent year for which […]
Market updates Q4 Bainbridge Island Review | 2021 Year in Review Q4 Bainbridge Island Review Bainbridge Island’s real estate market slowed down for the holidays during our fourth quarter.  The market still favors sellers due to low inventory, and homes are still selling above the asking price.  We’ve compiled key highlights to keep you in the know about our local market. Q4 Bainbridge Island Review | […]
Buying and Selling Tips Bainbridge Island Real Estate Market Report | 2018 Year in Review Getting Real Let’s put it on the table right away: Our real estate market did not perform at the same level in 2018 as it did in 2017. That does not mean we had an unsuccessful market in 2018; nor does it mean we should brace for a difficult market in 2019. We need a […]
Market updates Bainbridge Island Real Estate Market Report: 2018 Third Quarter Review AUTUMN TEMPERATURES Checking the Thermometer No, Chicken Little, the sky is not falling. It has just shifted from clouds skittering past to a more mellow and peaceful sky. Every day, we hear news about the cooling real estate market but it’s important to consider all the factors that go into those reports. Yes, our market […]
Market updates Bainbridge Island Real Estate Market Report: 2018 Second Quarter Review A WARM REAL ESTATE CLIMATE FLAG-WAVING SEASON Summer has come to Bainbridge, and with it our traditional celebratory activities. We had an energetic Third of July street dance, a festive Fourth of July parade, and a successful Rotary Auction that grossed more than $600,000. When we move our attention to local real estate statistics, everything […]
Market updates Bainbridge Island Real Estate Market Report | 2018 1st Quarter in Review THE SPRING BOARD Things We Know Are True In the real estate business, we know never to count our proverbial chickens. Offers aren’t made until directed by a client, offers aren’t successful until they are accepted, inspections aren’t completed until everyone is satisfied, and we never take a transaction closing for granted. Every step forward […]
Market updates Bainbridge Island Real Estate Market Report: 2017 Year In Review CELEBRATING THE NEW YEAR As we welcome a new year, let’s explore some dynamics that played out while we marched through the 2017 calendar. Our market saw a decline in the total number of residential sales for each year between 2013 and the start of 2017. Despite healthy buyer demand, the lack of inventory caused […]
Market updates Bainbridge Island Real Estate Market Report: 2017 Third Quarter Leaves Fall as the Bainbridge Island Real Estate Market Rises The Big Picture To paint an accurate portrait of the Bainbridge Island real estate market during this autumn season, it’s important to put it in the context of the broader regional economy. Through that lens, things are looking very good. Estimates for September 2016 through […]
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