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2013 was a good year for Real Estate!

By Susan Grosten | Jan 11, 2013

        Susan Grosten Admin WORC Sign Out   January 2012 (2) December 2011 (4) November 2011 (5) October 2011 (6) September 2011 (3) August 2011 (2) July 2011 (4) June 2011 (1) May 2011 (5) April 2011 (2) March 2011 (3) February 2011 (2) January 2011 (3) December 2010 (5) November 2010 […]

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New Finance Legislation

By Susan Grosten | Jan 11, 2013

  Susan Grosten Admin WORC Sign Out       Windermere Blog       Posted January 4 2013, 12:52 PM PST by Edward Krigsman How new finance legislation affects home owners, buyers and sellers   Posted inMarket NewsbyEdward Krigsman   Many home owners, buyers, and sellers have been carefully watching the new federal finance […]

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2012 Bainbridge Home Stats

By Susan Grosten | Jan 8, 2013

Finally, positive news in home stats to share! After 4 years of declining home prices Bainbridge Island, median home prices were UP 6% in 2012. The number of home sales  for the year far exceeded the expectation of most people, topping unit sales well above the high of 2007, but equity has slow to return, […]

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November Sales are looking great on Bainbridge!

By Susan Grosten | Dec 8, 2012

November sales are looking great on Bainbridge Island! Not only are the number of home sales up 24% to last year, but finally we can say we are seeing a trend in home prices improving-welcome news for many homeowners. Bainbridge Island real estate inventory is at an all time low, both in single family residential […]

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Lending update 11/19/2012

By Susan Grosten | Nov 19, 2012

WIndermere  11/19/2012  Lending update From Betty Hugel Windermere     Talk is cheap. And while it is important that negotiations are beginning between President Obama and Congressional leaders regarding the looming "Fiscal Cliff" our country is facing, action is needed as well. Read on to learn more details, and what all of this means for […]

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Sharing Helpline House

Windermere Commitment to Community

By Susan Grosten | Nov 13, 2012

community Since 2005, Windermere Bainbridge has donated nearly $300,000 to these worthy organizations in our community. Our agents are committed to helping maintain a vibrant Bainbridge Island by supporting groups that make a positive difference in the lives of our neighbors. Windermere’s Island roots run deep—for more than twenty-five years we have lived, worked, and […]

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Greg Atkinson’s new eatery Marche opens March 17th!

By Susan Grosten | Mar 13, 2012

Well known local cook book author and  Chef Greg Atkinson will be opening his new eatery “Marche” on March 17th. Located on quaint Madrone Lane in down town Winslow-Bainbridge Island. Located near Bainbridge Performing Arts, and locally owned Directors Art Gallery and Mora Iced Creamery the recently renovated building is warm and inviting while maintaining […]

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2012 Real Estate Outlook

By Susan Grosten | Feb 4, 2012

January 18th, 2012        An Optimistic Outlook: 2012 Market Insights   by Matthew Gardner This is the time of year when the most frequent question that I am asked is about home prices and which direction I expect them to move during the upcoming year. Over the past three years, I have not made many friends, […]

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Bainbridge Island Considers Plastic Bag Ban

By Susan Grosten | Jan 30, 2012

                                                       I could not believe that our Island disposes of 5-7 MILLION plastic bags per year. For our small population that is an astonishing number. Please stop and think about alternatives.  e mail me at and I will supply a complimentary re-usable bag ( one per Bainbridge Island household) so we can begin to make a […]

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