Uncategorized January 10, 2012

Cut your power use-good for your budget-good for the planet.

I learned that my 22 yr old free standing freezer, once used a lot and loved was now costing me $600 a year to keep! That is a lot for a few frozen pizza’s on sale and my sons old crab bait ( son now away to college). The best part was that they came to pick it up for me, recycle about 80% of it and PAID ME $50.00 to take it away!

Call Re-Power Bainbridge take a look at your home. It is free, and they give you creative and cost effective ideas to save money on your power bill.

Enjoy! Susan

The information from this post is taken from the Re-Power Bainbridge website.


Reward Yourself

Join RePower Bainbridge’s effort to reduce our energy use by 15%. MyEnergy is your online resource for tracking and earning rewards at your favorite local and national companies for saving energy. Learn more about MyEnergy or contact RePower Bainbridge to be part of our retail network.

Mission & Goals

RePower Bainbridge helps create a more sustainable island through energy assessments, cash-back incentives, energy-efficiency financing and a network of local, skilled contractors to help you achieve increased comfort and energy savings in your home or business. Learn how you can get started today.

Our goals:

  • Complete energy assessments in at least 4,000 homes and 100 businesses
  • Complete energy upgrades in 2,000 homes and 25 businesses to result in more than 15 percent energy savings in each home or business
  • Create up to 65 jobs in the clean-energy industry
  • Reduce approximately 7,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions

In July 2010, the City of Bainbridge Island was selected as one of 20 communities in the United States to receive a BetterBuildings award from U.S. Department of Energy and funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. RePower Bainbridge is implemented by the City of Bainbridge Island and key partners, including Puget Sound EnergyPositive Energy, Sierra Club, Kitsap Credit Union, Olympic Community College, Earth Advantage, Worksource Kitsap and Conservation Services Group (CSG).

The Need

The Need graphOn average, Bainbridge Island residents consume 60 percent more electricity than Puget Sound Energy’s (PSE) average customer. A key reason—less than half of Bainbridge Island homes are up to current energy code standards and fewer than 20 percent of those homes are properly insulated. These inefficiencies create a significant oppo

Get Started


Schedule a FREE Home Energy Check-Up

Call 1.877.741.4340 or sign up to have an energy advisor identify energy-efficiency opportunities in your home.Two assessment options help you determine the energy efficiency of your home and learn how you can increase comfort and reduce energy costs.

FREE Home Energy Check-Up
Schedule a 90-minute, no-cost, visual assessment to have an energy advisor identify typical areas of energy loss in your home such as insulation, gaps, cracks and inefficient equipment. Full description and benefits.

Home Energy Assessment with EPS

Take your whole home into account to make it run at peak performance. A Building Performance Institute (BPI)-certified contractor performs an in-depth analysis of your home using advanced building-science tools to show how each aspect in your home works together to impact overall efficiency. Homeowners also receive an Energy Performance Score (EPS)—a detailed energy-consumption report similar to a miles-per-gallon report for your home—which documents your home’s current condition, including energy use and carbon footprint (compared to similar-sized homes in your neighborhood). It’s the best home energy-efficiency investment you can make before using renewable energy. Full description and benefits.


Get the work done

Connect to our network of local, skilled contractors to make your home more energy efficient.

RePower helps Kitsap County contractors become trade allies and ensure they offer our community the best in energy-efficiency services and information. RePower trade allies are properly licensed, insured and trained in construction safety; some are Building Performance Institute (BPI)-certified. BPI-certified contractors are trained to evaluate how your home works as a system to impact its overall energy-efficiency. Find a local trade ally contractor.


Get paid to save

Receive cash-back incentives, tax credits and financing to make your energy-efficiency improvements more affordable.

Take advantage of incentives to improve your home’s comfort and save energy. Federal and state tax credits for energy-efficiency improvements and financing options from the City of Bainbridge Island and Kitsap Credit Union make your projects more affordable and easier to achieve. Incentives are offered at varying amounts and can be combined, putting even more cash in your pocket.

Incentives are available to single-family Bainbridge Island homes with one to four units. View current incentives.